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  Welcome all Violin & Beginning Piano Students - Ages 5 to Adult
  Most people have taken music lessons as a child, but only a few continued.
Why is that?

If you ask someone to recall music lessons they usually have horror stories of mean teachers and hating to practice. Having your parents yell at or threaten you only made it worse!

There is another approach to teaching and learning music that is actually encouraging and fun. This web site offers time saving information to parents on how to get started, practice techniques, and motivation tips to help make practicing more fun!

I teach all levels-ages of Violin using the Suzuki Method for beginners, standard repertoire and technical development for advanced students. I also teach Beginning Piano for both Adults and Children, using Alfred’s Basics and the Bastien Method respectively.

My students are taught practice skills in the forms of games that improve results, require shorter practice sessions and deepens their understanding of how music works. It requires a daily commitment to be effective, which is why having a consistent practice time in your schedule is pertinent!

All my students know that I am here to help them and they do not have to be afraid to come to lesson. I always tell them that if they already knew how to play, I’d be out of a job!

Suzuki Certified:
Volume 1A-1B-2-3-4

Master’s & Bachelor’s in Violin Performance

15 years Teaching Experience

20 years Orchestra Experience

Specialize with Young Children

Beginning Piano

Suzuki Violin Lessons

Bastein Piano Method for Children

Alfred’s Piano Basics for Adults

Work with Challenged Students

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